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A Guide to Feeling Your Feelings in a Breakup

Episode Summary

In this Power-Couple Post Game episode we explore the practical guide to feeling your feelings in the midst of a breakup.

Episode Notes

In the final episode in the month of commitment we're exploring the commitment to feeling your feelings when you're fresh into a breakup, in a later stage of an ending or you just plain and simple want to learn how to feel your feelings more fully, and in a safe container aka you're not getting overwhelmed or drowning in the sea of emotion. 

In this episode we cover: 

• The breakup is the shattering of a story, not the shattering of YOU
• The ability to hold the reality that a breakup is both a death and a rebirth happening simultaneously
• What the prerequisite is for feeling your feelings fully in a breakup
• The layers of grief to process and why they are all important for your healing
• Why feeling your feelings helps you to see more clearly, process more cleanly and create more potently
• 11 practical steps/tools to explore to help unlock the emotions, process them effectively and build a more friendly relationship with feeling your feelings. 

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